Shotguns in the Square

published May 09, 2020 | | |
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Findegil 19

My spin on ironcache's Outlaws-with-Shotguns draft deck (from the comments here:, with the very basic gameplan of camping in Town Square (using Pete Spence and Andrew Lane to equip-in-place)and clocking up CPs while Shotgunning/Pistilwhipping any challengers.

Ultimate combo: Angélica Espinosa sitting on Charlie's Place to pump her Shotgun, using her ability to join the Town Square fight after Maurice Croker has nerfed the biggest opposing Stud.

May 14, 2020 jordan caldwell

This reminds me of a deck about a year or two ago that used Harry Highbinder to sidestep "camping" attachment restrictions in a similar way. I remember it rocked a full complement of Winchester Model 1873...