Entrepreneurs 2x Base Set + up to HCWM

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Harlath 1144

An introductory Entrepreneurs deck with 2x Base Set and 1x each expansion up to and including Hell's Comin' With Me. The six decks in this series (one per faction can all be built at the same time, excluding the jokers (you'll have 4x jokers from two Base Sets, so you can switch them in to whichever two decks you're playing with).

Your main shooting values are 7, 8 and 9.

Your plan is to spend the early game inventing gadgets to make some competent shooters. Then you can use Run 'Em Down! to force fights on your terms and Ridden Down to send key opposing dudes home.

You have a positive net income each turn even if you lose lowball, so you can build safely unless your opponent has enough control points to win. This gives you time to wait for the right cards in your hand and to play more dudes/deeds. Remember you can spread your deeds either side of your home to help spread his dudes out. The The Sloane Gang home only generates control points after victory is checked: this can buy you an extra turn.

May 25, 2020 ironcache

Man, I love Harold Aimslee. To the point that I've made decks that start him. But 9 GR makes me sad.

I think this would be stronger (and give new players a better introduction to Doomtown Entrepreneur meta) with -Roberto Muratore -Willa Mae MacGowan +J.W. Byrne +Maggie Harris, and two of the off-values swapped out for some Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton. 2 Upkeep, but Byrne will get his horse T1 most likely, and go to 1 upkeep.

Though, might put this deck out of power level with the others.

May 25, 2020 Harlath

An excellent suggestion for how to improve the deck. Harold Aimslee is indeed way too expensive - as an off value flavour swap and backup Mad Scientist Dr. Gregory Tremane might work well?

I think you're right on the suggested improvements needing to be weighed against the broader balance between the decks, but players can hopefully tweak all of them to their personal preferences as they learn the game. :)