Six-Shooter: Fifth Chamber (FP)

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The Event

This is a series of decks that was played for the online name-a-card event. The tournament had flexible deck-building rules, which I used to run a revolver setup.

The pre-cut decks (in order of play) were LD, EN, AN, FM, and FP. With 4 wins (LD/EN/FM/FP) and 1 loss (AN), the OL deck will get a chance in the cut.

The Deck

Tawodi single-handedly interested me in FP. This deck aims to utilize her to reliably setup Maza + Ike's on either end of the home, and then fuel Maza with CP and totems using OoAA (+ Ike's, if necessary).

She also aims to hire Pete + Maggie to get Buffalo Rifles (useful since the deck only really needs to go to TS + adjacent deeds) and sidekicks, respectively.

The Game

Round 5 vs. Deputy Way

I was very worried about this game. Playing a job-heavy deck into an opponent who will fight me at every opportunity. Deputy Way has been a known Clown Puncher since DTR's beginnings, and, while the societal message is very different in the LD vs. OoAA match, I had no doubt that would not change his play style.

It started off pretty tame. I put out a Pedro and Crow, ran the Tawodi job to minimal effect (only a Pat's Perch in the discard, which he let me have... maybe he was worried about that societal message?). I played out Ike's, which he camped.

Next round, I walked in on my Ike's, and we had the expected grand battle. With Hattie at the ready to shut down my Eva + Doc on my studs, I instead used it on my unwanted Mazatl with Murdered in Tombstone making him a stud. FotD on TB to Mazatl weakened it slightly, but, with Crow purging my non-DMH cards, I was able to get the DMH vs. 4oaK. He lost his chaff (Buford and Henry) for this, and then, to my surprise, stuck around (he was worried about my ramp, I gathered post-game). With two sidekicks available, and TB + Hattie on the line, I was willing to take the bet. Didn't pay off next round, with my FH losing my Crow to another 4oaK. I had decent odds on the DMH round 2 of the shootout (based on my discard), but what I left in the deck from not seeing it round 2 made it very likely round 3, and sure enough, I saw it and aced off TB and Hattie.

At this point, the Deputy was definitely on the backfoot. We progressed a little further, but with only a booted Caves and another 1 inf dude (that I'm failing to recall) available as influence, I played out an Undertaker (a general faux pas to play out a DMH Diamond, but for pressuring out the win I took it). At this point, I misplayed gravely on tempo. He played out Buford, and, instead of playing Wiles immediately, I passed (hoping to catch him booted in my Ike's). And, of course, I did, but the passed turn meant that he had time to use Ike's to make Undertaker 0 CP. Wiles got Buford discarded again, but the damage was done; we were going another round.

And this next round really highlights Why Bottom Dealin' is the worst card in Doomtown. With an insurmountable board state lead over the Deputy, as he played into a fight in TS, with only Buford (the Third) and Caves on his side, I got slack and made yet another misplay. I saw him pick up Coachwhip! from my Murdered in Tombstone, and for some reason completely let my guard down to the Bottom Deal. My cheating 5 vs. his full house, he bottom deals me a 4 of a kind. While a two pair wouldn't have crippled me, it would've brought us much closer to equal. But the 4oaK flop from it was devastating. The shootout lasted one more round, and it was over for the Deputy.

The Lessons

  • Bottom Dealin', while one of the few CRs that really hits cheating as much as it should, is also liable to completely screw you. This risk is especially high in highly-consistent decks.
  • In shootouts, really assess what you stand to gain vs. lose. I had sidekicks on the line versus my opponent's influential dudes. I understand the Deputy's position, worrying on economic ramp, but it was unfavorable odds (I had the stud/draw advantages) with a lot on the line. It was never going to result in me losing more than some sidekicks, at worst for me, and with DMH looming (based on my discard), it is a dangerous position.
  • Think through the tempo of play. I should've prevented Ike's from going off by playing Wiles instead of passing.
  • Make sure to keep in mind all possibilities when assessing your opponent's ability to punish you for cheating. I knew he had Bottom Dealin' in the deck, but completely let it slip my mind after he picked up the Coachwhip.