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TheHuffDaBeast 26

Sep 07, 2020 TheHuffDaBeast

This is the first deck I have put together with help from the posse on the Discord server. It is really intended to be a learning experience and I have gotten some great feedback. The rest of this deck is based on speculation as I haven't yet had a chance to play with it. The deck is framed around minimizing clubs to maximize the effectiveness of Cooper Grannon, Miasmatic Purifier with some added benefit for Asyncoil Gun and Vitality Tonic. Economy should be boosted by some slight advantage during lowball as this deck isn't as tight of a layout as the "shoot-y" decks as. Early economy will be aided by the Morgan Gadgetorium home ability. Not sure if I should keep the Signing Over the Stores or just go with an additional Ricochet. Also, Howard Aswell's grifter ability may not prove to be useful enough and he might get booted for another starting dude. I don't know if the off faction dudes will pan out. Two have synergy with other parts of the deck. Forster Cooke with the myriad of saloons and casinos and Dr. Dayl Burnett for obvious reasons, both of which are two upkeep. With no influence Angélica Espinosa seemed like a good pick as an on value 2-stud with three cost and one upkeep. The Caretaker seems interesting but I couldn't find a way to get it into my starting posse, I thought it would be good coverage early as Cooper Grannon get's going at home.

Sep 07, 2020 TheHuffDaBeast

Also, not sure if Tallulah "Lula" Morgan will stick around. My speculation is that I will have two control points to eliminate her upkeep by the time she hits the table, but who knows. Also, I don't know if I would benefit from her ability enough. Max Baine needs to get the boot. When I first included him I had a handful of ranches but are no longer included. So much learning about the trade-offs and inter-connectivity [is that even a word?] of cards.

Time to get some games in and see how it does.

Sep 10, 2020 Harlath

Thanks for sharing the list and bravo on taking the step to include some out of faction dudes, especially without influence pushing up their income like Angélica Espinosa.

Could maybe replace Forster Cooke and Dr. Dayl Burnett with Adelaide Rose and Jarrett Blake as solid in faction options?

Maybe Diego Linares over Howard Aswell given lack of Ranches? Albeit Diego's trait doesn't help much here, he's at least higher value for facing down Shotgun/Soul Blast.