Straight Flush This Down the Toilet

published Oct 05, 2020 | | |
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NoSoup4you 1

I think it's one of them "decks."

Oct 05, 2020 DoomDog

I think this deck would benefit from leaning even more heavily on the straight flush by removing some of the extra copies of goods and deeds and adding in some Aces and Twos of clubs. That would let you access Hired Guns to grab Allie/Steven, and add Bottom Dealin' as a Cheatin' Resolution. This could let you swap the Coachwhip for another War Paint.

I'd also be inclined to add in a few more dudes. The Brute is cheap and can protect you from a blowout shootout, Funtime Freddy brings another stud body and Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) leads the circus by providing more stud, influence and the ability to resurrect aced dudes.

I assume there are 4 Quarantine Tents solely for the CP, to help close a game. If that's the plan I'd certainly think of swapping some of them for the 1st Baptist Church, to give another 2CP deed that can be played alongside the Tent while also spreading your values a bit more and introducing another non-club that can be put into play, thinning the deck for the Straight Flush.

Oct 07, 2020 Doowa

Hired Guns could also let you redraw The Ghostly Gun after using his ability. That could be quite fun if economy will allow it.