No Law But God's Law - Gencon2020

published Oct 06, 2020 | | |
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JPridgen89 37

My entry for the 2020 Gencon online tournament which went 2-3 in the swiss. A very slight variation on my deck for the 2020 Rangers tournament outlined here.

The major change is taking out Shi Long Peng in the starting posse for Master Shou in order to open up a little synergy with taxing the opponent with The Tombstone Haint. Gomorra Gaming Commission was also added to shore up 9s and make up for a 10 being in the starting posse

In practice I found the extra upkeep cost to be a serious drain on the deck, and found myself hurting for economy in many of my games even when I managed to get a single early deed out. I very rarely managed to get any economy boost out of the Haint/Shou ability, but there's a chance I wasn't using it aggressively enough. Part of that came with facing off against a slew of decks that played very few or no deeds.

There are definitely some advantages to Master Shou, like better bullets from Scattergun, but I think overall this is the worse version of the deck and in the future I don't plan on starting Master Shou unless for some reason I make a read that the starting stud is more worthwhile than the economy consistancy.