Press Conference (PO6 '20, Round Two)

published Jan 02, 2021 | | |
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jordan caldwell 374

This deck wants to use fast card flow to draw the dudes, actions, and spot removal jobs you need to remove active threats with or without poker. Lacy O'Malley's "use it or lose it" coupled with Eagle Wardens means you are looking at 8+ cards each turn, and the deed support furthers this concept (1st Baptist Church and Silent Sigil) thematically. Be weary using Ancestor's Reproach on Black Elk to trim your structure too much, as fun as it is to use an Ancestor Token to Pistol Whip dudes from anywhere!

Jan 02, 2021 jordan caldwell

Potential changes W2DW: Definitely Sifting Squirrel to start, maybe Yiska too; "Professor" Duncan (Exp.1) as a backup Shaman 3. The Gem Theater would be a good add, and will look into Fallen Star as well.