7-8-SF Support fire

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oortje 83

This is one of my 90 decks I have on DTDB. Dont worry some are copies of decks I see here, not all are my creations. But I am one of those persons who likes to toy with these deckbuilding tools. And I try to figure out what works and what doesn't.

This deck is a sort of test to find out how to exploit Forster Cooke. It is a strong dude, but always inferior to Longwei Fu. So he does not appear in the starting posse.

The draw structure is 13x 8s, 15x 7s and next to that a straight flush option 6 to 10 of clubs. I have a lot of positive experience with this in longer games. The number of dudes, deeds and goods will dwindle, but the action cards will stay the same, this will increase the chance of legal high ranks in the later stages.

Although I think 6 to 10 of clubs is not the strongest of Straight Flush options, I think 2 to 6 is a little better, because of Sun in Yer Eyes. But today we will use the second best Unprepared.

To take benefit of Forster Cooke we need studs. Any stud is welcome. 8's have great studs. Next to that He Fang, Angélica Espinosa, Jim Hexter. Also the Bounty Hunter is more effective.