Heath's Triple-Cross

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Prodigy 695

Crossing Ironcache's Double Cross

See the 'derived from' list from him for our conversation that lead to this deck. If I try this out I'll report back on this list with any results, but I think the extra influence, extra opportunities to secure income, and slightly tightened up structure makes me excited to give this one a shot!

Sep 22, 2021 ironcache

I like most of the changes you made. Couple points of feedback:

I'd have some concern about actually playing fiddle game, due to going down to 2x 5 of clubs for the 5-9 SF (of course, 6-10 will also likely still be on the table). Maybe make exception for 5 of clubs to go 4x and do 2 PW 2 Fiddle? Then you have better odds of drawing fiddle, and are less afraid to play it.

Monte Bank will have to last 2 upkeeps to break even, 3 upkeeps to start a profit. I think I'd leave the Lariat (for anti-goods tech).

Sep 22, 2021 Prodigy

Yeah good points. For the 5's, I have often bumped them up to 4x in a PTPT list, either in the 2 pistol whip, 2 fiddle game, or 3 pistol whip 1 fiddle game, for the concerns you listed.

Yeah that 7 goods slot is definitely debatable. I like the guaranteed +1 income to help pay for PTPTs, and I see this version of the deck going into longer games than the original, but its a tough call.

As I mentioned on discord, I could see this list dropping the 7's entirely and going to A's. Then we get full-speed-ahead on Hired Guns, and it gives the fantastic Baijiu Jar

The only correct answer here: make, and (try to) play, all the versions :)