Heath's Double-Cross

published Sep 15, 2021 | | |
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ironcache 173

Lets talk about Heath's Curiosity Shoppe. This card is an oddity. A Frankenstein tutor; seems kinda random at a glance, but it can be controlled to a degree. Consider its inputs as axis:

  • Axis 1: Suit
  • Axis 2: Value

By loading our deck with cards that match those axis, we can get cards of interest where they intersect (or cross). For example, a deck with a lot of diamonds and a lot of 5s, can use Heath's to get 5 of diamonds with some reliability.

This deck uses this concept to try and get Heath's to dig up valuable cards on two intersection points:

  • The early-game cross: Clubs + 10s = Putting The Pieces Together. With no given suit/value pairing at >3x (except PTPT itself), the deck will attempt to play it legal. HG for Henry early, play out Gambler's on brand. Hope to find The Extra Bet to support.
  • The late-game cross: Clubs + 7s = Kidnappin' + Comin' Up Roses. The deck hopes to devolve closer to SF structure. As it's doing so, use straggling 7s to ensure you always have access to roses, and force fight.

Rest of the deck is simply supporting this. Howard for Heath's if you don't opening draw it. Considered Land Purchase + Howard, but too inconsistent out the door. Agent P can't defend Heath's, so we have Haint + Taiyari for stud. Randall and Jake Smiley for influence. Boxboy for overwhelming powerlevel card inclusion. /deck