"Jobslide" v3

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Card draw simulator
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sholder 82

Threw together a new iteration for the Greenhorn online tournament. Tried to make it more aggressive with a tighter structure focused on 3-4-5 and stuff to turn draws to stud. Only won 1 game, but the losses felt close and was more fun to play overall (at least for me, I think for my opponents as well) since we'd actually get into interesting shootouts when needed.

Sep 30, 2021 Prodigy

Wait a minute, were you my opponent in that last round?!? I did not recognize the nickname 'sixkillz' but now I'm sure that was you...!

Oct 01, 2021 ironcache

I'd really solidify 2 of the values, and make the third a lower amount. The problem with 3 values at the 10-13 count is you'll often not know which value to shoot for. +2 Land Purchase +1 Orphanage +1 Shotgun +1 Heath's +2 Tusk in for -1 Charlie's -2 Pearl Handled -1 Fiddle -1 Hamshanks -1 Ulysses -1 Walter's, for example.

Other minor considerations: maybe +1 coachwhip -1 heist, +1 Antoine -1 De Annulos, +1 kidnapping -1 clifs.