The blessing of the bull

published Feb 15, 2022 | | |
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oortje 94

I have tried many kungfu decks and I think it is lovely. To have a Drunk Ape starting barfights is just great thematicly. Unfortunatly Mr. Outang didn't make the cute this time. He was with a bunch of Baijiu Jar made quite the opponent for "Thunder Boy" Nabbe decks and I even won a small tournament with him.

This deck however is a different beast (pun intented). I was looking at the latest set and saw something intresting : the new Lay On Hands has a target number of 6. This is precisely the lowest value of the Bull techniques. So my mind started puzzling and I think there is a deck here possible. So I am looking for values 6 ad higher for the miracles and 8 and lower for techniques. a very narrow windows for playing cards, but if you release enough sets, there is enough material to work with. The amount of playable dudes usefull are hard to find, but is just enough I think.

Why Lay On Hands? Lay on hands is an underused card with a strong effect. The effect is even better if your dudes tend to commit suicide. Behold White Bull and "Dynamite" Jacc have abilities that make you loose dudes.

Mountain Lion Friend, Censure and Pedro to save some aditional casualties.

108 Drunken Masters and Saloons to reduce pulls for the lower value caracters and to draw some usefull cards.

Cattle Market increases value to make Kung fu easier to pull off.

This is a thematical deck, so dont bring it to a tournament. It has no strategy to harras dudes at home. Also the maneuverability is limited. A Ten-Foot Punch could be replaced for a Kidnappin' , but still this will not not make it easy.

Question about the latest set. Is Anonimo there to replace Steven? So is steven no longer legal? It seems so strange to bring out such a character with identical cost and upkeep.

Got any tips for the deck?

Edit Ouch Pedro is a bad card for the deck. -3 value is so bad for Kungfu. so - 3 Pedro, +1 lay on hands, +1 quickdraw handgun, +1 Benediction or +1 kidnapping

Feb 16, 2022 DoomDog

I've been looking at a similar idea but just with Weird West Edition cards. Send a dude into fights solo to use Behold White Bull, while there's a Blessed nearby with Lay on Hands to save them. The narrow band of values for success on the different types of pulls makes it tricky to build, but you can just about do it. Ideally the deck also wants some Attire to boost you Kung Fu dude's influence to increase the casualties inflicted by Behold White Bull, which requires going off-value. I agree it's not reliable enough for a competitive tournament deck, but it can work and be a headache.

I'd suggest starting Arielle Moriah instead of Father Diamond. After she boots to use Lay on Hands, she can unboot with her React ability.

Once the new Weird West Edition Base Set is available, the cardpool for tournaments is being rotated. Everything from the AEG Base Set up to Blood Moon Rising will no longer be legal for official events. That's why there are a lot of reprints and tweaked cards. Anonimo is there to replace Steven in that environment, but with slightly lower stats as feedback was that Steven was too strong.