Outfit • Wealth 19 • Production 3

Deeds at the ends of each street have the Saloon Keyword.

React, Boot: After you reveal a pull for a Technique, reduce the pull by the amount of Saloons you control. If you succeed by 5 or more, you may add the pulled card to your hand.

Anarchists • Riccardo Rullo • Blood Moon Rising #1
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Ever since 108 Worldly Desires came out, many players have gotten stuck on it being the best home for the outfit. It would take something truly special in order to pick a home other than 108 Worldly Desires. Drunken Masters could well be that card, for the right deck.

First of interest is adding Saloon keyword to the deeds on the ends of each street. It grants more places for Forster Cooke to serve drinks from and can allow Clementine Lepp to hold deeds that aren't typically saloons. Of particular fun can be using Quarantine Tent to have 2 non-callout influence, 2 control points, and a second use of the home ability for extra card draw. More saloons also encourages use of Baijiu Jar. Serving drinks from The Mayor's Office can be enough of a control point swing as to end some games.

The ability is the other reason to choose this home. It can be disappointing to fail a Technique pull by drawing a little to high on at a critical moment, and this ability might allow the Technique to succeed instead of fail.

The reason I love this ability is Focusing Chi. Every time a Kung Fu dude of value 6 or higher pulls Focusing Chi for a Technique pull something incredible happens (and since you can choose to put Focusing Chi on top your deck when played from hand, it shouldn't be that rare an occurrence). 1: Focusing Chi is drawn as a Technique pull and you may unboot the Kung Fu dude. Than you get to look at the top three cards in your deck and discard any you want to discard. 2: You use home ability to keep the drawn Focusing Chi into hand. 3a: If you than use a Baijiu Jar you have far greater control of what you draw in hand, or 3b: You can play the Focusing Chi that was added to your hand. Since you saw the top three cards of your deck and discarded select cards you have better control of what you will pull and draw.

This combination of using Focusing Chi and Baijiu Jar can make for spectacular displays of Kung Fu. Getting you the right cards you want, when you want them. You can even start shootouts you plan to escape from with Rabbit's Deception just to draw more cards, and change around your cards in hand. Lets face it, card advantage, including massive card cycling is a big deal in a game like Doomtown, and 108 Drunken Masters gives that to you.