Faith and Fury Straight Flush v1.1

published Feb 14, 2023 | | |
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EOJBakura 18

Still a deck about hymns and being a straight flush Kung Fu deck but now I've added in Rob Wilby as the 5th man. I went down one copy of Guiding Light for this. So far pretty happy with how it plays and open to suggestions.

Feb 21, 2023 aussiescum

Same question on cash flow on this one as in your Morgan Regulator's deck. Curious if you have played it a lot and how you find the cash flow, especially since you only have 6 deeds in the deck.

Bai Yang Chen (Exp.1) is going to be a beast in shootouts, but he's pricey to keep around. What's your plan for generating ghost rock with this deck?