Mechanic Street Preachers

published Mar 30, 2023 | | |
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trimm 32

Let me introduce a new band in the town:

  • Erik Samson (lead hammer and percussions)
  • Tommy Harden (winchester and lead cheatin' punisher)
  • Padre Ernesto de Diaz (vocals - enchanter)
  • Dr. JT Goodenough (sound scientist)
  • Rob Wilby (bouncer)

Their riffs can hit you like a bullet Tsunami. Their Everlasting sound can consecrate hell and can mesmerize sirens. They are all studs that will turn your town upside down and banish every evil spirit. Come, watch them, hear them play and their music will be your Holy Bible. Do not succumb to the evilness of the Deadlands because If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.