Good Stuff Regulators - 1st WWE Online League Winner

published May 13, 2023 | | |
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Great Stuff Regulators - Top 8 Gencon 3 3 1

Prodigy 763

I used a bunch of decks in the first official online WWE league, but this one did the best by far. I believe I played a slightly different version of this in the top 4 matches, but this was the main core of it.

I wanted to see how a classic "good stuff" Regulators would do, which used to dominate prior to WWE. The home itself is still great, even with the nerf, and feels more balanced. I did use Farnums for a bit, but this aggressive style really didn't want dudes sitting on it's own deeds - it needs them for bullying and kidnappins!

Al Swearengen was an MVP - I thought he was a bit expensive but the versatility in being able to use it any time you want is really solid.

Otherwise its pretty standard - here are the 3 top 4 games, and the single finals:

Top 4 match 1 vs DaHuffDaBeast: (rest of the games are in that videos notes)

Finals vs Doomdog:

Jun 04, 2023 Andrew Davidson

I played this deck at the UK Games Expo Marshall event in 2023 -- our first big event with the Weird West Edition. Its economy was quite solid and so powering up Al Swearengen and buying more dudes, deeds and goods was usually quite affordable. But it didn't shoot well enough to compete with the decks of other strong players and so was not able to bully them. And the Kidnappings and horse tricks were not enough to make up for this. So we didn't win a game.
It's not enough to be good if you want to be the best!

Jun 05, 2023 Prodigy

@Andrew Davidson Aw, sorry that happened! That's a good last line though... next time I'll think about making Great Stuff Regulators ;)

Since I love the gritty details, and if you have the opportunity to answer: in what ways was it falling behind in shooting?

It has some of the strongest shooting actions in the game (in my opinion) and is an extremely tight draw structure, so in theory it has the pieces. However, of course it's hard for this deck to bully anyone without at least a couple of studs, and if you're fighting outside of locations you own, you have zero studs to start so you really need to build up and/or spread out the opponent, but other than that major caveat I'm curious where else you found holes/other issues.

Jun 06, 2023 Andrew Davidson

We played two games in the event and a friendly when I had a bye. The opposition was:

  • David Hogg with The Sloane Gang -- last year's Marshall winning deck

  • Daniel Bradshaw with Law Dogs -- based on karoob's deck "LD Straight Flush + 2/4 - WWE"

  • David Wood with Property is Theft -- the winning deck of this year

So, this was strong opposition which generally had more stud and aimed higher for straight flushes. The Regulators needed to cheat with five-of-a-kind and then got burnt by cheating cards like Bottom Dealing, Coachwhip and Coming Up Roses.

The finest moment was when we started the game against Woof by sending Rob Wilby to kidnap Randall at home. He had a concealed Bowie Knife but got Sun in his eyes and didn't get a good draw. Woof was startled by the aggression -- "that's the sort of move I expect to making" -- but we couldn't build on it.