Embrace Lord´s Sword (Straight Flush / 5 kind)

published Jul 31, 2023 | | |
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gurab 11

Single shooter deck built around Joan McGruder. The outfit can be swapped with Justice in Exile deppending the mood. Equip her with an Hydro-Puncher and Evanor for 10stud and protect her at all costs with Hiding in the Shadows, Holy Roller and cheating punishement cards. Then go to Town Square and use Sentinel and Frontier Feud to generate control points.

Aug 01, 2023 gurab

Some changes have been made to polish the deck a bit and make it a litlle more consistent thematically, becoming riskier as a result. They´re as follows for anyone brave or fool enough to try out.


  • Agent Provocateur is no longer in the deck, so the starting posse contains only three dudes: inlfuence dropping to 3 but stash increasing to 5. Riorden O'Lithen has been included in her place, oppening another way to add bounty to opposing dudes. Plus, the deck now contains two red hairs...

  • I swapped Mortimer Parsons by Erik Samson as he is cheaper and his trait combines well with the outfit and the addition of one Tlaloc's Furies

  • Xiong "Wendy" Cheng left the deck, leaving her teethkickers behind and her place for Byron Decker. Though I have still think about this.


Diamonds: No changes, for now, but I might make Explorer's Lodge the new house for Joan instead Bunkhouse.

Hearts: - As mentioned above, one more copy of Sentinel is included and Confession removed. - 1 Tlaloc's Furies replaces Benediction