Shotgun Justice

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ThomasJakobsen 15

This is my Gen Con deck. For how it did, read the comments.

Aug 13, 2023 ThomasJakobsen

This is my Gen Con23 deck that took me too a very impressive 8th place. At least I was impressed: My goal was top 20, and I often end up in the mid-range when we have tournaments in Denmark, so I did not expect to get that far. On top of that I had only about a month to get in game-shape, since I had not played since pre-covid.

Round 1: I unfortunately had to take a bye the first round.

Round 2: Philip Hartten, Morgan Regulators It was a hard fought game, and we had to play to the clock where I won the tie-breaker. I felt confident most of the game, since I won a lot of low-balls, got shotgun on Thunderboy and Quick Draw Handgun on Jacqueline Isham both in turn 1. I even got some Bountyhunters to stress the regulators and take a few dudes out.

Round 3: Indigo Penn, Encroaching Darkness This game was fast and furious. I got all the right cards at all the right times - and the “misunderstood misfits” from the Circus didn’t have any luck. First a brutal shootout took most of the circus folks out - then I got the influence and forced the remaining circus performers out into fights they couldn’t win. I tip my hat to Indigo who was very gracious about all the bad luck.

Round 4: AJ Valle, Morgan Regulators w/ Hank Ketchum I was surprised to find myself at the no. 1 table. It was a pleasure to loose to AJ in the second after about 10-12 minutes. He won the Shootout. I started in a feeble hope to stop the build-up (he had Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton on Chuan "Jen" Qí). Then I completely missed that Jacqueline IshamJ didn’t control his California Tax Office, so he taxed "Thunder Boy" Nabbe and forced a discard. What a rookie mistake! Oh well, it was a losing battle anyways, and a fast loss had the same result as the longer version of a loss. We had a good time chatting and watching the game at table no. 2. It was a pleasure to play with and meet AJ.

Round 5: Alex Nagelvoort, Morgan Regulators The third (!) Morgan Regulator deck i met. This time a landslide deck, where I couldn’t stop the tide. Kidnappin' and especially Vamoosin' hurt my dudes, and I couldn't draw a Bounty Hunter so had to send in those with influence. I never do especially well against Landslide decks, and it ended with a loss. I made a stupid play the last turn, but I do not think it mattered much - it would be loss the turn after, so I don’t sweat it too much.

Quarter Finals: AJ Valle, Morgan Regulators w/ Hank Ketchum My second game against AJ. This time we played a decent number of rounds and I could hold on for about 30-35 minutes. Mostly because AJ had trouble finding any deeds to play - instead he Yang’ed up 3 dudes to big powerhouses, and with Hank Ketchum it was impossible for me to do anything about them. The game dragged out since neither of us could play deeds (AJ wanted to but didn't draw any, I had to discarded them since they would be his to take and win) - and again my Bounty Hunter completely failed to show up in my hand. In this game I only won 2 lowballs (out of at least a dozen) so I struggled with earning enough rock. But while my lowball hands were almost consistently four of a kind, and I even pulled a straight - my shootout hands were on the other hand rubbish. In a shootout with a Stud 6 or 7, I managed to draw 2 pairs… At least it was a great game in good company.

Aug 21, 2023 davido

Thank you for coming across the pond to join us in Doomtown.

Aug 21, 2023 ThomasJakobsen

It was great fun - and it went better than the last time I played at GenCon (back in '18).

Aug 22, 2023 karoob

How Comin Up Roses worked for you?