Sleep Deprived Slinging

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BloodyMutt 2

So, I think I've been decently vocal about wanting to sling hexes. Is this a good answer? No, in fact. Opening hand at least on average sees 2-3 spells, follow up for determining first player I'm seeing maybe a pair, maybe two but enough draws came up as just high card so at least starting with an OK amount of Ghost Rock which is something, I guess. I'll probably change a few things, or scrap it, I don't know, feeling pretty cursed. :drumroll:

Jul 08, 2024 BloodyMutt

Dropped one Pagliaccio for a Valeria Batten which never saw play out of three games. For the most part the deck did do what I wanted it to, and that was find and equip several spells.
If I were to make some changes it might be to maybe -2 Corporeal Twist as Nightmare Realm kinda did what I needed. Mind you, went 0-3, but I had a Blast (Soul Blast) doing it. The deck just cannot take a shootout seriously at least not under my piloting. Almost every spell that hit the table got used, and only 3 spell attempts failed out of all three games. Into the workshop we go.

Jul 09, 2024 DoomDog

It looks to me like the win condition here is to use Soul Blast, Point Blank or just winning shootouts by enough ranks to boost the CP of Concordia Cemetery, with a side of Corporeal Twist. It looks like your most common shootout hand would be a Hearts Flush though, which isn't really enough for a deck that wants to shoot.

I would consider bumping one of the higher values up to 16 cards, so there's some chance of hitting Full House/4-of-a-Kind and tighten the range of the Hearts a bit to make a Straight Flush more likely.

Epidemic Laboratory might also be a good shout for something like this, to give a second control point generator and a job that might draw opponents into opposing and letting you use your Shootout abilities. Nicodemus Whateley would be another good fit to squeeze a few extra control at a critical moment.

Ricochet and It's Not What You Know... would beef up your Cheatin' Resolution suite too. Fetch is good, but I prefer it as a lowball Cheatin' Resolution to a shootout one as in shootouts it doesn't really do anything to penalise your opponent for cheating, and the same applies to Soul Cage. Comin' Up Roses is on a lower value but would help you hit the Straight Flush.

Jul 09, 2024 BloodyMutt

@DoomDog yeah, I aint hiding that it isn't optimal. But from the decks I saw using hexes they weren't... using hexes more like splashing them. Back when I played Deadlands my first character was a full on deal with the devil huckster so really want to keep tweaking to focus on the hexes themselves. Next rendition went 10's and up with soul blast in there, but even then that still saw a lot of instances of two pair being the draw hand, not fun and interactive lol.
Fetch and Soul Cage were very much there for outside of shootouts, though the former did get used a fair bit during for the sake of fetching an extra spell as well as preventing 3 Cas as you noticed, this thing doesn't shoot out too well. I'll keep tinkering, and always open to advice :)