Huckster Law Dog "BOOT ALL THINGS" 8/10/Q

published Mar 13, 2015 | | |
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None. Self-made deck here.
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Law Dog Huckster Boot 'n Shoot GoB 2nd Place 3/14/15 1 3 4

Hammardal 60

Fun deck that focuses on booting absolutly everything that belongs to the enemy with 4x Too Much Attention and 4x Paralysis Mark.

I'm starting Steele Archer because his 2 influence is great for Law Dogs home ability and making everyone wanted is what we want. Tommy Harden is great for early Kidnappin' and Bounty Hunter protection.

You don't want to shootout early. You want to control the board with all those booting actions, Blood Curse and Rumors and use Puppet to take some juicy enemy dudes and using them against our sad victim with The Pharmancy and Carter's Bounties.