Law Dog Huckster Boot 'n Shoot GoB 2nd Place 3/14/15

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Otomo 205

This deck originated with Hammardal's "boot all the things" when I was perusing around. I challenged Richard Carter that I would puppet him in a tournament last week and so had to build a deck with puppet in it. I didn't want to play 4R, and knew he was going to be running Morgan Hucksters -- so that left LD or Sloane. Sloane works a bit better with shootout hucksters (corporeal twist, shotgun) and puppet is a dead card in the deck, so it was frustrating. So, a few hours before the tournament, we pulled up Hammardal's deck with the intention of making it a little better for competitive play.

The object of the deck is to control your opponent by booting with paralysis mark and too much attention, controlling deeds at will, puppeting when you can and picking off their dudes with bounty hunters or stevens. The deck actually shoots really well so you don't have to fear shootouts (except against a hard shootout Sloane deck, it would have some issues. But boot their stud and control them in that instance!).

I went with Wilbur/Lucy/Wendy instead of the original posse because while Steele has 2 influence for the LD ability, I wanted to keep the huckster mobile for the maximum hex possibilities. 6 cards of hand maniplation in resolution help as well. Wendy is much more of a threat than Tommy for a starting stud, and can pistol whip people out and camp town square to keep your huckster safe. And that's about it, the rest is self-explanatory as a huckster deck.

The deck went 3-1 facing a Law Dogs shooter, LD Mad Science, 4R Control and then in the finals lost to Richard's Morgan Hucksters. Basically got out drawn in that last game, didn't really see any big play mistakes on either side.

What I'd change if I ran this in future tournaments is I'd go 4x bounty hunter. Rumors is not a bad card by any means, but the ability to pick off those wanted dudes, especially against other huckster decks (in which everyone seems to be running) is crucial. I had rumors in my hand at the end of the game last game, and really I NEEDED that bounty hunter.

Mar 19, 2015 Hammardal

As backup huckster change Avie to Jose Morales. 4 upkeep from Avie will kill you faster then not having huckster at all. How good is Takin' Ya With Me in this deck? This type of control deck will only fight when you are sure results will come so I don't see any good uses. Also why not 4x Hex Slingin'? It's more reliable and doesn't require enemy to cheat. And don't you miss extra draw from Philip?

Mar 19, 2015 Hammardal

Oh and I'm happy I inspired you. I also wanted to try it in tournament.

Mar 19, 2015 Otomo

Avie's tough, I used her basically as a last ditch effort to save the game if I thought I was going to lose that turn with the intention of not paying her upkeep. Jose's a bit expensive all around too but was a consideration, may switch that... but I don't think I'll be playing this again pre-F&F in a competitive sense which might change who I run there depending, we'll have to see.

Takin Ya With Me is fantastic whenever you have a Travis. It can work with bounty hunter if they have a 0 bullet dude like Micah in the posse (which I'd force with a BH), and works great with Steven too if you ever lose in that situation. You just run into a shootout with Travis or Steven solo and rock it, take out their overconfident stud and it buys you a LOT of time for the hex set up. I'd run that card in every deck if there's room for a 2x, one of the best cards in the game.

I totally miss the extra draw with Philip. As a primary Dogs player i actually reached for the deck a couple times out of habit when they revealed a cheatin' and went DOH!

Mar 20, 2015 Otomo

You know what, I looked at my deck today and this is incorrect. I do actually play Jose -- as well as Avie. I took out Clyde it looks like. Sorry for the mix up there!