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Noon: You can discard as many of your cards as you like during Sundown.

"It seems that Lady Luck was smiling upon me. Turns out that she was just leading me on before shooting me in the back." - Steele Archer
• Mirco Paganessi • Base Set #107
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Lady Luck is one of those cards that is easy to overlook the power of. It isn't one of those cards you run 4 of but one or two in a deck really can't hurt. It's great to use when you have a bunch of cards in your play hand that need to be in your discard and it helps you cycle through your deck quicker so you can build a better hands for your shootouts. It's rarely a dead card because if you draw it during sundown, play it first thing the next noon phase. Think of it as a way of playing mind games with your opponent to make them think your hand is worse than it actually is.