Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 1 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 0

Shootout: If Stan is wanted, move one bounty from him to an opposing dude. Send Stan home from the shootout, booted.

"While it may be your word against mine, I'm the one with the badge"
Law Dogs • Debt of Blood #18
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Stan here has been in the works for a while. Story team wanted this dirty law dog to happen, and than means new tricks with bounty.

Not much in a fight, Stan wants to engage at an opponent's Private location, then gift that bounty to the other player while running home.

You could set up a posse with Pintos and Ragged Mules, run an Ambush with Stan, and if your opponent under commits, bring in reinforcements. If they defend big, have Stan run home tattletale all about the other guy.