Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 1

React, Boot: If Moquin is in your posse, after an opponent declares the use of a Shootout ability on an action card with no printed ghost rock cost, cancel that ability (the card is discarded without effect).

Neutral • Debt of Blood #28
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When our backer wanted an Agency dude in the spirit of Windows Derek of Classic (a dude who could cancel actions) - I was hard-pressed. Classic Doomtown was a product of its generation, filled with restrictive protections, bonkers effects, and major mayhem. To make a more nuanced and balanced approach to the Men in black trenchcoats operating as bodyguards, it would have to jump through some hoops.

Agent Moquin needs to be in the posse - naturally you cannot protect someone without risk. Only stops shootout action cards. and only free ones. and Moquin needs to boot to do that big swing. so you might be able to out-position him, or make him use his cancel on a lesser action.

plus, as a 1 bullet draw with an upkeep, making the decision to start Moquin either comes at the cost of the usual early game stud dude or at the risk of running too much starting upkeep.