Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 2 • Cost 6 • Upkeep 0
Blessed 1 • Ranger

While in Town Square, Ken is worth 1 Control point for every faction among dudes you control.

"Damn if he don't take the 'recruit it' part of the Ranger slogan more serious than the rest of us." -Sgt. Elijah Clay
Neutral • Debt of Blood #29
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I would've loved to have this guy in my Classic Texas Rangers deck that contained one dude of every faction (yes, all eleven Classic factions).

The deck's tagline, of course, was "I'm here to shoot it or recruit it - and I'm all outta bullets".

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Like a number of our backer cards, Ken here wanted to align with the Rangers, even though it comes with no mechanical impact.

in the Deadlands universe, one of the maxims of the Texas Rangers is "Shoot it or Recruit it" - usually in reference to sentient Harrowed dudes. Ken here is more 'organic' in his approach, looking to find common ground across the disparate factions.

utilizing out of faction dudes is not something that is normally done in competitive Doomtown, the combination of the upkeep penalty and the inability to start out of faction dudes typically makes it more reliable and cost-effective to use the dudes that your faction provides (or Drifters).

but that might change. Combine this dude with a faction that can reliably hold down town square, add in some extra sources of control points, and Ken just may drive home a victory.