Goods • Cost 1

This dude gets +3 value..

While this dude is at a deed, they use their bullet rating to determine control of the deed instead of their influence.

"You don't want trouble, do you?"
Neutral • Debt of Blood #38
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Similar to some other values, the 7 Goods has been dominated by the Pinto from the base set, and the later LeMat Revolver.

This one actually started with the name, drawing on Deadland RPG books again. I wanted an Attire, and broadly speaking we have Attire doing 'something' with influence.

Rattler Hide is quite effective at protecting the wearer from Shotgun blasts, and a lethal leather jacket can make even a dude with no influence able to control a deed.

beware bullet reductions during a fight though, you may suddenly lose control of the shootout action at the location in question.