Goods • Influence 0 • Cost 1
Unique • Attire

This dude gets +2 influence during the Production and Upkeep phases.

Noon Job, Boot: Mark an opposing dude. If successful, you may ace this dude to ace the mark.

Neutral • Debt of Blood #39
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Jonathan Chase Causey turned around a back-to-back set of victories, and decided that he wanted to do an item instead. so we made the explosive vest that "Dynamite" Jacc wears so dapperly.

The influence bonus showcases how disruptive an explosive jacket is on the operation of local businesses.

in play, the Fail-Safe is sort of like Ambush on a stick - wait for the right time to strike. if they do not defend, you do not have to blow up your dude (in case they call your bluff). But if they do defend, and fail to deal with the vest wearer, the following turn might just look the same.