Goods • Cost 1
Gadget 9

A dude cannot have more than one Articulated Reloading Manager attached.

Noon/Shootout, Boot: Unboot another goods attached to this dude. Its abilities may be used an additional time this turn.

Neutral • Debt of Blood #40
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Ultimately one of the problems of goods with actions on them, is that only getting one use per turn out of them can be a problem.

but what if you had a robot A.R.M. to reload you Shotgun or recharge your Electrostatic Pump Gun? maybe squeeze a duplicate use out of a cheatin' resolution goods like Devil's Six Gun.

my eagle eyed playtest team caught the possibility for an endless loop with two ARMs. (First version did not have that problem, as it was Attire, but removing that trait allowed for use with Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton or Ranger's Bible.

likely best when working with Gadgets, but also resets horses as a Noon, so you can threaten with that Pinto on more time.