Action • Cost 0

Noon: Target your dude. If that dude has a Sidekick, they get +1 influence. If they have a Weapon, draw a card. If they have an Attire, they become a stud. If they have a Horse, they get +1 bullets.

"Whatever's in Worm Canyon, we're ready for it." -Seth Bullock
Neutral • Debt of Blood #53
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Goods are great and all, with their repeatable or static benefits. But sometimes those goods do not provide the type of benefit that you are looking for in this situation. Ready Fer Anythin' gives a variety of bonuses not normally associated with that particular goods.

Or, if you are fond of taking a key dude and loading them for bear, this card can turn your lynchpin up a couple of notches.

if not for the 6 value, this baby would be a lock for a deck with Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton - Stud, +1 Bullets, and replaces the card? yes please.

or this just adds a level of surprise when that Fancy New Hat makes your dude shoot a little straighter.