Action • Cost 0

Noon: Your target dude gets +1 influence. You may remove a bounty from them. That dude cannot make callouts or join the leader's posse.

"Gov. Ordway, I think you'll find my plan for Deadwood very interesting." -E.B. Farnum
Neutral • Debt of Blood #52
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one of my ambitions with the Weird West edition continues to be to make a variety of play styles available on a variety of values.

in WWE, Fives lean heavily on shootouts. Hiding in the Shadows, Pistol Whip, Ol' Fashioned Hangin', and I'm Your Huckleberry all lean heavily on getting involved in fights.

Influence is a key component of not losing Doomtown, and just making an action boost Influence for free would be TOO GOOD. So once a dude Puts on Airs, they will not join posses as the aggressor. They can still defend themselves.

also added the little bit of clearing a bounty, sometimes you have to counter those nasty Law Dogs.