The Wretched Circle

published Nov 22, 2015 | | |
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Derived from
Undertake That! 12 22 0
Inspiration for
[Moscow OP5 Winner] Abominable 8 7 7

mplain 1663

This deck is the development of @Gozik's Undertake That! - the wretched circle of undeath, the never-ending cycle of abominations getting aced during shootouts or with Buried Treasure, giving you money from the Undertaker, and coming back via Soul Cage.

Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) gives this deck a huge boost, helping you cycle abominations faster. He usually comes into play when your opponent cheats during lowball, and brings a couple of buddies with him. Then he gets discarded as a casualty, or during upkeep next turn.

Karl Odett allows to start an abomination-only posse, which makes Ivor really cheap. I had to replace Valeria Batten with him, so unfortunately The Wretched didn't make it into this version of the deck.

Xiang Fang is the newest addition, the idea is to bring her using Soul Cage when I need some extra money to play Ivor from hand.

The Ghostly Gun is excellent when you bring him in during shootouts, he can turn a rank 4 hand into a rank 8 hand. You can also start him instead of Tyxarglenak and Pagliaccio if you want some more real influence in your starting posse.

Pagliaccio is used to bring enemy dudes down to 1 bullet so that it can Take Them With It if you lose that round of shootout.

The Brute allows you to cheat, eat some cheatin' punishment, cheat again, then bring him back from boot hill via Soul Cage.

Bottom Dealin' is particularly devastating it a deck with 2x16+scatter structure.

This deck is great in that it can make a comeback even after you lose almost all dudes, you can get them all back into play from boot hill. Just make sure you don't lose those that give you real influence, in case you need to turtle at home for a couple turns.

Have fun! :)

Nov 23, 2015 redgun

i love all of your thricks .. But The structure seems pretty weaks . I mean; Its not reallly a 2X16 if we count your starting; its more a 1X16 1X13 .

Nov 23, 2015 mplain

@redgun I'm not starting all three Pagliaccios, just one of them :)

Nov 23, 2015 redgun

haa ok tx for the clarification

Feb 23, 2016 rhythm

Have you revisited this deck? Im trying to get a variation to work with tattoo man

Feb 23, 2016 mplain

@rhythmThis is one of my favourite decks, I'm playing it often. Here's the current version:

The Tattooed Man doesn't really do anything for this deck's strategy, you need spells for him to make an impact, and that would be a completely different deck.

Feb 23, 2016 rhythm

Here is my current working list you can see i went with 10 instead of 2s

Feb 23, 2016 rhythm

Here is my current working list you can see i went with 10 instead of 2s