Totem Deckery

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PaxCecilia 36

I think this is one of those sort of 'natural' totem builds that is going to be hanging around for a bit. 9 10 J have a very low chance of spell failure, and are fairly synergistic. The deck is very much based around deed control, but is definitely still effective in a shootout.

Kabeda Hakurei enables a ton of really cool plays, for example if she's at home with Fire of Nanahbozho attached to an adjacent deed, she can unboot your dudes that have come home booted. This helps you out a surprising amount in terms of continuing to mess around with your opponents deeds.

The deck sort of plays itself though. Attach Spirit Trail wherever you can apply the most pressure to their deeds (+1 copy on Maza Gang Hideout for tons of income), use Red Horse's Tail to lock down their dudes if they try to chase you around, and use Many Speak as One for either +2/+1 influence at a deed with/without a totem.

In my play testing so far, I've been having a ton of fun. Extortion is a really fun way to accelerate your income past what your deeds are making. I actually had to reduce the number of Extortions from 4 to 2 because I was making money faster than I could spend it and also my shootout presence wasn't as strong as I wanted it to be. Another problem is that despite having a decent number of studs, I never seem to draw enough of them to really have a strong shootout presence. Unless you've got Bloody Teeth and Three-Eyed Hawk/Sarah Meoquanee on the board, you really should be running from fights unless it will put you in a losing position.

If you're up against a very shootout heavy deck, you can win lowball fairly consistently. Flight of the Lepus is a really powerful cheatin' resolution in this deck because of your ability to unboot a dude in your home. You can send their dudes and one of yours home booted and they suffer a lot more than you do. I used to have Magical Distraction over Backroom Deals but nine times out of ten I was preferring to use Lepus.

Dec 03, 2015 DoomDog

The way I read this ruling (, the dude unbooted by Fire of Nanahbozho has to be at the deed Fire is attached to. While Kabeda can use the ability from an adjacent location, I don't think it can be used to unboot a dude at your home.

Dec 04, 2015 PaxCecilia

Aww, darn you're right, she would have to be at an adjacent deed for that to work. Even with that restriction, it helps a lot with movement. If you put them on Spirit Trail locations then your Shaman's can boot move to the deed, then unboot themselves and make another play. It's still good it's still good! :P