It's Raining Men! Hallelujah (3-0 tournament record)

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goreshde 467

If you enjoy getting into a lot of shootouts this is deck is incredibly fun. Who are we kidding, that is why we love Doomtown. If you enjoy playing Doomtown this is one of the most fun decks you will ever play.

I wanted to make a deck that features a parade of dudes coming at you one right after another so I could get into more shootouts without worrying about losing the game. My logic here is impeccable. Shootouts = Fun. Using The Multiplication Property of Equality if get into More shootouts my equations turns into More Shootouts = More Fun. You can’t argue with that, it’s just basic math.

The idea is pretty simple. Play a bunch of dudes trying to get into a bunch of shootouts. The deck works because of the “fake” stud bonuses you get. Your outfit, Longwei, and 4 auto revolvers can get you something like a 6 stud without any actual studs in the shootout. It’s pretty awesome. When Barton with a peacemaker has a smaller stud bonus than naked Xia, you know you might be onto something. This deck is also the first deck I have made that REALLY makes Auto-revolver shine. The trait is on in fights even when the gun is not present and I have enough bronze bullet meat shields to jump into any fight.

This deck also couples with the bullshit of force field and hot flying lead for an unholy combination where your opponent takes way more casualties for winning the shootout than you do for losing it. Those two cards go together like peanut butter and jelly, like 4th Ring and Paralysis mark, like Quatermen decks and losing. I use the force field to make our hands tie. Then because my hand was brought up to their rank I am still losing the shootout. You then get to play hot flying lead to add more casualties on top of the 1 they are already taking. Last night I was able to get that up to 6 causalities in one round of a shootout because of a massive fight in town square. Take that for playing 4 of a kind legal.

But wait, don’t you want to be broke for your outfit but at the same time have mad stacks of cash for force field. Yes, but it never really conflicted too much. At the start of the game you won’t have a lot of money and you won’t have force field. This triggers your outfit letting you be more aggressive and winning lowball A LOT. Then as the game progresses you will have more and more cash and force fields. Who cares about the outfit now, because your goal is to get them with hot flying lead and force fields. Yes plural fields, make sure you don’t equip more than 1 item to a person in case they run unpreps.

You opponent should have a hard time dealing with you. Against a slide deck you have enough influence dudes to take their deeds and kidnap their people. 4th Ring Control can only paralysis mark so many people before they can’t deal with you. Shootout decks have no good targets for their actions.

The bandits probably have the best dudes in the game and this deck takes advantage of it. It’s not unheard of for me to have 9-10 influence and still no upkeep. With a skittles draw structure and the outfits ability you should also win lowball a vast majority of the time. This fuels your early econ until you can find some deeds. It is deed light, but when you have such a sweet deck name like “It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah” why would you add more in instead of more dudes?

This deck does have a little issue finishing the fight. You need Allie, Hunters, or Nick for your win condition. You can also try to take their deeds, but often after a couple of dude waves come crashing down on their face people tend to hide and you are still short CPs. Kidnappings help, but you don’t get that many CP from your deeds to force their hand while they still have some influence. Just grind it out and you will eventually win.

Jan 19, 2016 tbowers13

I like the deck idea, but I notice that Hot Lead Flyin' doesn't work with any of your starters except for Jacqueline, unless you happen to pull one of the two Pair of Six-Shooters in the deck or one of the other 3 HLF. Even once you start playing dudes from your deck you won't be able to consistently pull lower than their values even with the kung fu bonuses taken into account. Have you played many games with this deck and if so how often does HLF flop and do nothing?

Jan 19, 2016 goreshde

@tbowers13 This is not a Hot Lead Flyin' deck, it is just a deck that uses it really well when ready for it.

I played 4 games with it last night and never had Hot Lead Flyin' do nothing. In my first game of the night turn 1 I discarded HFL with Asakichi Cooke just to cycle through cards because my deck was not setup for it. This deck ends up having two different phases where certain cards really shine more than others.

The first phase you are using your outfit and hopefully Auto-Revolvers to be win early shootouts. Once you get some cash and Force Field you can switch to phase 2. Phase 2 you use Hot Lead Flyin' and Force Field to rack up the casualties. By this time you should get a couple Qs and 9s out there. Even just adding 2 extra casualties from Hot Lead Flyin' goes a long way to pissing off your opponents.

Your phase 1 power houses are still good in phase 2 and vice versa, but don't be afraid to cycle power cards if you don't think the deck is ready for them yet.

During the event I think I had either an 9 or Q value dude down by turn 2 every game. A little bit of luck but not crazy odds to expect high value dude help will be there shortly.

Jan 20, 2016 db0

Brutal. Interesting to see a straight in-your-face deck handle it well.

Jan 20, 2016 mplain

I'm totally testing this tonight!

Jan 25, 2016 soulblight

Tons of fun! Love the low upkeep and card advantage :)