Morgans Guerilla Zombies

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Prodigy 763

Travis and Dead Billy are takin' a page right out of the Revolutionary War: Hit & run, fight dirty, and do whatever it takes to win this darn war! Ain't nobody ever said victory has to be nice and clean...

No booted dude anywhere on the board outside their home can escape the Stables home + Mustang + shotgun insta-call out guerilla maneuver. No dude anywhere can avoid the kidnappin + shotgun + ornithopter home maneuver. Allie sure as hell can't avoid a Stables home + Mustanged, Shotgun-weilding Travis early game. And unlike the original Morgan's Flyin Zombies, it is inevitable that you will see a horse-riding, shotgun-wielding, force-fielded zombie - there is simply too much card cycle to NOT see it. The force field isn't even necessary if your horse is an ornithopter, but late game it makes takin' down those higher value dudes possible. In fact, the only way we're sticking around to see the end of any fight is with a force-fielded dude, preferably a harrowed one.

This is based a mix between the Flyin Zombies and a new list: the even dirtier and more awful Gun & Run Stables , whose awfulness (mostly awful for the opponent, but sometimes for both players) and exploits from the OCTGN league are laid out in full in this post:

In short, you dump out deeds and goods, and use your home for cheap horses and extra card cycle (along with forcing your opponent into sub-optimal moves). William Specks ability is always in demand, every turn, and between all the out of town and deeds without control points, and the currency presses - it is a relentless cash generating machine. With very few clubs, you will dump your hand most turns, and sometimes this ends up playing out similar to slide and other times it ends up playing out with lots of hit-and-runs with shotguns and horses (minimum value 3 targets, but with "Dead" Billy Jones and Stone Idol you can hit up to value 7 - add Charlie's Place for another potential +2. In the end, it'll be both. This is slide-esque, but with only 18 deeds and only 14 of them having control points it will rarely play out like your typical slide deck unless your opponent is mighty short on influence.

This version is similar to the Gun & Run stables, but with 2 big changes: 1) Shotgun (slightly fewer targets than Asyncoil, but the acing is worth it) and 2) The sheer inevitability of the deck. If things drag on longer than an hour, this deck simply cannot lose - it is much faster and surer to end than it's predecessor Gun & Run. This deck still suffers from the slowness of that deck, so it may not be the best choice for a timed tournament, but if you have time for an hour long casual game, this deck is tons of fun (and usually the opposite for your opponent - please don't play this against people who are new to the game!!!).

Ok, don't say I didn't warn you...

May 31, 2016 DoomDog

You can play some strong horse-based control shenanigans with Morgan Stables - it's become one of my favourite homes. The main problem I've had with the decks I've played out of it seems to be one you've got too: It takes too long to win. It's ill-suited to timed tournament games and not everybody will enjoy playing against it in casual games.

May 31, 2016 Prodigy

Yeah, I have to admit the Morgan Stables went from my most disliked (and misunderstood) home to one of my favorites.

I think this home can be frustrating to play against, but only if you aren't experienced enough. There is far more interaction and potential shootouts with this compared to an average slide deck, so I think it's just a matter of keeping in mind all the possibilities before you act (for both players).

Brings a new, exciting level of thought to the game, for sure!

Are the decks you've played with more 'regular draw structure, typical shootout' type Stables? Interesting that they would also be too slow for competitive play.

It is my mission to find a way to speed things up so this can be viable...

May 31, 2016 NuFenix

"If things drag on longer than an hour, this deck simply cannot lose"

With the rounds now being extended to 50 minutes, when will you have the opportunity to let the game go on for more than an hour?

May 31, 2016 Prodigy

@NuFenix Short answer: casual games.

This deck is probably not tournament-ready simply because of that. It usually does well on tie breakers, but who wants to play deck that usually goes to time?

May 31, 2016 DoomDog

Mine have been chess/control style decks with loose 3-value structures, not full-on aggressive shooters. I've also been playing 'pure horses', so no gadgets (shotguns are fine though). I think it's certainly possible to make a 'traditional shootout' style deck with the stables. Threes, Fives, Sevens Eights and Queens are all good values to look at.