I Promise I Will Never Die - Pinkerton top 4

published Jun 05, 2016 | | |
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Pintyhet 42

This is the deck I ran in the KC outlaw tournament and I actually made it to the top four, which is a first for me. So, I suppose a brief synopsis on the deck and my play style is needed: I try my best not to lose using miracles and then boost my dudes bullets to ridiculous levels with swords. Miracles also give Andrew Burton an influence as well as Rev. Perry Inbody when I make him a deputy and that helps take deeds when I need to. I had built and rebuilt this deck multiple times over the last few weeks going from a 15, 15, 8 build whatever to 16, 16, build both to the current build that's decently loose but pulls what I need usually. Lay On Hands is such an amazing card and can pull dudes running solo out of any bad spot. On top of that Tlaloc's Furies boosts the Rev's skill to let him succeed on unbooting checks even when pulling 6's. This all being said I did still have my losses and didn't realize how good Jael's Guile was and so only have one in the deck. So good. On top of that Sword of the Spirit saved my bacon from Puppet in one game and I'm so happy I tossed it in as a one of. I did lose in swiss to an incredibly strong blockade deck and got wrecked in the finals by a Den, but I had so much fun I didn't really mind.

Jun 05, 2016 SirLargeness

Howdy, was The Place ever a bummer?

Jun 06, 2016 Pintyhet

I only played it once and it didn't hurt terribly. It's not as much of a target as Cooke's Nightcap I don't think.