Abomination Series - OCTGN League #6 - 1st Place

published Dec 17, 2018 | | |
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shekky_ducky 79

Judge decks aren't a new idea and I don't take credit for the concept, but the latest expansions have breathed new life into this trope. Ricochet and Inner Struggle were the underrated MVPs of this deck while older favorites like Bounty Hunter and Ol' Fashioned Hanging hung around for posterity more than anything else.

Dec 17, 2018 Doowa

How did you in general play the deck with only 2 starting GR and no income? Did you go all in first chance to collect the bounty that Andrew Burton issues or?

Dec 17, 2018 shekky_ducky

Doowa, to answer your question, I typically try to determine the key dude in my opponent's deck and target them with Andrew's bounty at the start of the game. Then I pray to win lowball. I'm well aware that this is not an ideal strategy and it has more than once slowed me down, but even without winning lowball, I can still send the Judge, Willa, and Thunder Boy into the fight against my opponent's dudes with my token Bounty Hunter as backup stud/casualty soak. I keep Phillip unbooted at home to setup my target for the next day or take control of an opponent's deed or both. On the rare occasion that I start with Fiddle Game, Phillip prioritizes running that AFTER I've already booted all my dudes at home from the Judge's job.

The key to this deck is to hit hard before your opponent has the opportunity to build up. If you can remove a dude per day, you're doing good. If you can remove more than that, you're probably winning.

Dec 17, 2018 jordan caldwell

+1 "pray to win lowball"