Kung Fu feat Gem-Knight Garnet

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xeynid 4

Title is a reference to a combo in yugioh where you would use the spell "Brilliant Fusion" to fusion summon a Gem-knight monster using monsters from your deck. You had to have at least 1 copy of "Gem-Knight Garnet" to actually activate the card, but it was used in basically every deck just because of how useful sending a monster from your deck to the graveyard was. The downside was that, if you drew Garnet, he was absolutely useless in your hand.

This deck is reminiscent of that. You have 2 totems to use with the home; if you draw them, tough, hope you find an opportunity to discard them.

You have insanely strong shootouts with your kung-fu cards in this deck. Monkey goes to the Mountain is absolutely brutal after you shotgun a dude, and Ten-foot punch means you can do so from a mile away.

I originally was just playing this deck with the Spiritual Society, based on Prodigy's deck here: https://dtdb.co/en/decklist/2756/2t2d-spiritual-kung-fu

The only issue I found with that deck is that I like to have some way of pressuring control points, so I looked into Office.

Deck's a big WIP, so I'd like some ideas. It's worked really well in a few games, but that was probably just the deck running hot and getting lucky at pulling out totems early on to make money.

It would be 3 shotguns and 0 nunchucks, but I only have 1 base set.

Right now, I'm using Silver Pheasant's bounty because it's a totem that can provide a bonus even when you have no shamans capable of casting it. Matthew Rising Sun CAN pull it off pretty consistently, and with Ten-foot punch you don't lose much by having him squat on a deed to use it, but the +1 production is really the star of the show. Mother Bear's Rage could also be good, since Matthew, Kabeda, and Duncan can all activate it, but I feel like solving the money problems is more important.

Jul 03, 2019 jordan caldwell


Pitch the Aces and start Eva Bright Eyes to guarantee her pulls and improve Matthew Rising Sun's?

This'd give you room throw in a third and fourth Shotgun (once you get a 2nd base set) and perhaps free up space for Mother Bear's Rage off from Doomsday Supply (whose primary job it seems is to fetch the former)?


Second suggestion, switch Aces to Inner Struggle (they leave the deck) to cover your cheatin' resolution base (plus they "work" from outside your hand once set, freeing your draw up a little) - maybe throw in a single Bottom Dealin' to threaten cheatin'-five-of-a-kind plays.


Third suggestion, I like War Paint for Office of Ancestral Affairs because it makes it so a single dude can run the job.


Very cool concept. Especially using a "control point" home to attempt to solve the paradox kung-fu can so easily find itself in: infinite power and no way to leverage it!

Jul 03, 2019 jordan caldwell

Also, Shotgun is available in promo form if buying a 2nd base set is too much a pain...

Jul 03, 2019 jordan caldwell
Jul 03, 2019 Harlath

This looks cool and innovative. Top creativity. Look forward to hearing how it gets on! :)

Issue for tournament play - does it perhaps need a way to go after defensive/slide players? Ambush is low value but expensive and eats in to your Ten-Foot Punch slots...

Some good suggestions above from @jordan caldwell too.

Jul 03, 2019 xeynid

Lots of great suggestions, thanks guys! Gonna do some more testing and see what I like.

I'm loathe to remove anything from 2-5 simply because I really love the kung fu cards. War Paint is an interesting idea, but I can have Jake/Travis run the job with ten-foot punch offering backup, so I don't love the idea of dropping a punch so that I can run more jobs with my bigger dudes.

Ambush seems like an important one, especially if I'm all in on the idea of using silver pheasant's bounty to increase my income, I'm just not sure on if I want to make the cut. Maybe change out "Murdered" for some Establishing who's in charge to just threaten more control points on a few of my own deeds against slide? I don't really have an experienced slide player to go against, so that may be a bad choice.

Switching nunchuks for a promo shotgun so I can add a mother bear's rage with Eva seems like a great idea. Just need to get the space...

Jul 03, 2019 DoomDog

I'm also a fan of using Silver Pheasant's Bounty with this home, likewise for the passive bonus it grants. I agree that Mother Bear's Rage sounds like a good idea, allowing a dude like Matthew to cover several deeds and jump into the action. Bonus points for style if it's set up at Shane & Graves Security. It's always interesting to see First Peoples Kung Fu decks, and I look forward to hearing how it performs.