Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 0 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 0
Huckster 1

Noon: Boot a Hex on Benny to call out a dude with a higher bullet rating at this location, who cannot refuse.

• Larry Wilson • Frontier Justice #7
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The ability to call out dudes that can not refuse is a very powerful ability. He is a good cheap starting huckster in The Sloane Gang that definitely opens up some new and fun deck building. He does not pair well with a lot of goods as you want to keep his bullet rating low, but if you deck him out with some good combat spells you can head to your opponents home and call out some of their main shooters while they are vulnerable.

Obviously he will not see play in other decks, but he might see a bit of play as a one of in a The Fourth Ring deck or other hex based deck.