Outfit • Wealth 18 • Production 3

Noon, Boot: Boot your dude in the town square. If that dude is still in the town square during the Sundown phase, either gain 1 ghost rock per other player, or your dude permanently gets 1 control point if they do not already have one.

Outlaws • Robin Wouters • Base Set #4 | Weird West Edition #12
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The vanilla Sloane gang outfit provides something no other outfit can do, straight up control points! Compared to Desolation Row, this outfit card provides 1 more starting cash, a faster more consistent flow of control points assuming there are no other methods to build bounty with Desolation Row.

Assuming no one bothers Allie or the dude targeted with this outfit ability, The Sloane Gang can earn 2 control points every single day as long as they keep a steady stream of dudes without control points streaming into town square. This forces many deck types into conflict rather quickly and it is wise to pack your posse with lots of strong stud shooters and a good number of shootout tricks that will give them the edge.

Works well with:

Small Cheap Dudes (Silas Aims/Travis Moone/Jake Smiley/etc.) - The downside of the outfit that newer players tend to overlook is the fact that once a dude has a control point, they can no longer earn another point using this outfit ability. A stream of small cheap dudes into town square not only provides bullet soaks but can hold a control point from this ability as well!

Angélica Espinosa - Even if you boot her she can still provide shooting backup to any in town deed from town square. This makes Angelica ideally suited to be your town square gatekeeper!

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● The control point is gained during Sundown, after victory conditions are checked at the start of Sundown so cannot count for that turn.

● If someone puppets your dude after you use this ability, you still get to choose whether to add a control point or take ghost rock, and if you choose the latter you gain the ghost rock, not the player who puppeted your dude.