In the name of the law, surrender (your store)!

published Aug 03, 2016 | | |
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Csonti 65

Personal note: After half a year of hiatus I'm back in the saddle. As weird as it sounds AEG's decission to abandon the game gave me (and some of my meta's dudes) the extra push to again invest time and money in Doomtown. Thx for that AEG! :)

As for the deck: it is built around Signing Over the Stores. If you can push through one or two shopping frenzy jobs, your dudes will be pimped like nobody else in Gomorra. With some added help from a Bounty Hunter or two, you can start to eliminate bad guys in a timely manner.

The deck is fairly fragile on the dude front so getting Bluetick(s) is a priority, and so are the pistols that can help you punish cheating. If you are not confident enough, hold back and wait for a better opportunity to start a fight. Using Bounty Hunter to soften the enemy and drain cards from him before the "main fight" of the round is also a good tactic.

The deeds also offer some nice sinergy. Pettigrew's Pawnshop is hilarious in combination with Signing Over the Stores. Notary Public loves to boot Hustings. The Orphanage can turn a boosted Gomorra Jail into a money press, while the The Gomorra Gazette is always eager to publish some fresh report about the latest act of a notorious villain.