Profanity Inslanity

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jaythejester 460

Jesters inc. is back at it again, rebuilding the ultimate trash that you should never play against an opponent who you respect, Sloainsanity. The Win condition is getting 4 bounty on more dudes than opponent has influence. Again, avoid shootouts at all cost.

The dudes have been carefully selected, valuing cheap dudes with out upkeep, without bullets, and with influence. Notable exceptions include Antoine Peterson who grabs Kidnappin' unboots a Sloan dude and gives +2 bounty, Milt Clemons who makes up for his upkeep with GR gain every moment his bounty goes up, Irving Patterson who will hopefully offset his out of faction upkeep with GR gain every time he joins a job, and Sloane (Exp.1) who's to be played for free and a cp for the turn. The Caretaker is interesting since IT acts as either 4 bullets, or 0 bullets if IT moves.

The idea is to have your dudes Kidnappin' targets they can't pass the bullet check, including targeting your own dudes... even having your own dudes fail to kidnap themselves. While the job fails before it can be contested, the bounty still applies to all dudes in your posse.

Now for the profanity of this deck. Rite Of Profane Abstersion With a posse of zero bullet / ace value dudes and a mystical goods, you'll try to kidnap an opposing dude you can pass the bullet check on at their private location. They will either have to discard the dude, or allow the posse an additional bounty before they all get sent home booted. Essence of Armitage Allows 1 bullet dudes to join in on this profanity.

Aug 15, 2017 Prodigy

I have seen what this deck can do, and it is actually very scary. The bounty racks up FAST, on tons of dudes, and there's not a lot to be done about it. Each time you run a spot removal, if you're lucky enough to have and draw them, only eliminates 1 CP.

Giving a 'like' for awesome creativity, but I certainly do not like this deck (nor is anyone supposed to)!

Aug 21, 2017 Dzastus

How you win kidnaping when someone oposing? :D poker hands in this deck is terribble. :O

Aug 22, 2017 jaythejester

Rulebook: Section 6.2 Jobs (relevant quote) 'Sometimes a job will place additional requirements on a posse (e.g. Kidnappin’). If those requirements aren't met after the posse is formed, then it is considered to be an illegal posse. If the leader has an illegal posse, the job immediately fails. If the mark has an illegal posse, the job automatically succeeds. In either case, skip to Step 5. ' (step 5 is job succeeds/fails)

This means I can form my posse (paying costs, booting dudes who move to join posse, moving to target dude if necessary), check my bullets and see that my posse is illegal and the job fails before opponent can contest. All dudes in posse go home booted. The bounty increase to all the dudes in the posse is not optional, nor conditional on the posse being legal. The target being discarded is conditional of a successful job.

This deck is a designed to abuse a bad rule interaction. It is not meant to be played except to demonstrate what I consider a serous game play issue. A dude may lead a job to kidnap themselves simply to gain a bounty, additionally a large number of zero bullet dudes can join the posse as well to gain bounty. If you have a large number of dudes that all fail to kidnap each other often enough, you will gain a large number of CP's.

Aug 24, 2017 jordan caldwell

The idea that you can rack up bounty for feigned kidnapping is... problematic?