Dude • Stud 2 • Influence 1 • Cost 6 • Upkeep 1

Whenever Milt's bounty increases, gain 1 ghost rock.

"He talks tough, but one of these days we might see how the cat jumps." - Pancho Castillo
Outlaws • Ikaan Studios & Cristian Chihaia • Election Day Slaughter #8 | Weird West Edition #87
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I really like this card. It's a staple in most of my decks, even non-Sloane decks as his upkeep will be a max of 2GR. He's really a money engine as there are so many ways to get wanted. Put him into a Law Dogs deck for instance, to complement the Bounty Hunter for deck building. Make him wanted every turn!

Of course his natural home is in The Sloane Gang. He will make money when calling out in a private location, so pack some gear to prevent him from dying in a shootout, such as Bluetick, Pistol Whip, Soul Blast, Shotgun, Legendary Holster, Point Blank. Perhaps the joke combo would be with This is a Holdup! as he would make extra cash with his ability. He would become double wanted when using Kidnappin' on an opponent's home, making two ghost rock.

He will make a control point from Hunter Protections and make money too. Use ..It's who you know to call turtling dudes in the opponent's home to make some buck. Give him a Buffalo Rifle in town square and he can make a ton of cash while other dudes start call outs around town. B&B Attorneys will guarantee a steady income too. If he become ultra wanted then remove attention with The Evidence.

He has a decent grit but it could be improved by some extra bullets. This may be his weak spot. I think he's a fun dude to build a deck around and the money he generates during the turn will give your deck an economic advantage over your opponent's and you can use this illegal profit to win the game.