Who Needs the Cavalry?!?

published Dec 01, 2018 | | |
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LordManHammer 446

Won the Abomination Series in Denmark.

So this is a Control Shooter - it is all about controlling your opponents movement and isolating targets that you want to shoot. Hence it is lightish on shootout actions and heavy on movement, card draw and control actions.

At the same time it is heavily packed and shoots straight - as well as including 12 deeds for the chess game to evolve. Nothing fancy and it doesnt need no stinking Calling the Cavalry to get the dirty work done ;)

Dec 01, 2018 LordManHammer

One thing to notice is the 13 cards in the deck triggering the home ability and Buckin' Billy Ballards ability to both control and card draw - which all in all resuted in me drawing 2-3 extra cards every round (with either Quarantine Tent or Circle M Ranch in play.

Also getting horses earned me money with Irving Patterson joining Maggie Harris on her job almost every time which greatly boosted my economy. Doomsday Supply to get that Shotgun or LeMat Revolver or a horse if really needed.