"Jobslide" v2. Gencon 2019 top 8

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sholder 81

Here's the deck I played at Gencon this year. I did well enough, going 3-2 in Swiss and barely sneaking into top 8 on points, then getting destroyed by the eventual winner.

My plan was to evolve last year's deck (https://dtdb.co/en/deck/view/34198) into something with a tighter draw structure that could actually fight when needed. Starting strategy is similar: #1 priority is a Saloon for Clementine Lepp. Use The Fixer to get a Saloon if needed so you can use the box ability safely. If you've already got one, Cliff's #4 Saloon or a Pearl-Handled Revolver are your next targets so you can make The Fixer a stud. Last option is to just grab whatever job you can so the Fixer unboots.

In practice, this won lowball a lot and almost always had a ton of money. It can get enough stud to form decent draw hands, but suffers because all the jobs don't leave room for much in the way of shootout actions. This meant I ended up hiding out at home a lot, then doing a lot of chess maneuvering when forced but not fighting much. Frank Stillwell was awesome, but overall it played much closer to a standard slide deck than I really wanted.

I was able to run some jobs, but often they made little difference (occasional Heist my own deed for a GR or two when I already had plenty of money). Without stronger shootout actions I had to be very careful about when to run most stuff, and I was never able to get much repetition going via Elliot Smithson or Antoine Peterson.

Ideas/suggestions welcome, but my gut feel is that for jobs to work I'd need to drop the number of deeds way down and add both more impactful jobs and more shootout actions to make them successful. As-is, it mostly feels like a not terribly efficient slide deck, and doesn't end up being a ton of fun to pilot or play against.

Aug 06, 2019 Prodigy

Congratulations on making the top 8, and sorry we didn't get to play at all.

I meant to talk to you at the event, but totally forgot. I wanted to let you know I played the original version of this deck and recorded the game several months back. I intended to put it on my youtube channel, but the game was rreeaaaaallly long and played out mostly like slide, which I wasn't sure would make great watching material. But if this deck is similar, then I had similar feelings as yours - felt mostly like slide, and was hard to run jobs if the opponent had a dude who could oppose.

I still like the idea of this deck, and other than your suggestions, maybe having some deeds like Maza Gang, and some out of town deeds like High Stakes Haven to either get the out of town CP, or some other OoT deeds to help spread them out more? I'm not sure - I know you can't run the jobs on them. Maybe it's worth looking into Putting The Pieces Together, since the draw structure is so loose?

Either way, hopefully see you at Tombstone, or at the very least next Gencon!

Aug 06, 2019 sholder

Thanks! On the way home from Gencon, I had kind of decided that I was done with this deck, but after writing it up last night it has gotten into my head and I'm thinking of fixes again :).

Maza Gang Hideout/OoT deeds make sense. I think I'm going to try dropping to just a handful of deeds and putting in shootout actions/stuff to make studs. The strategy will then be to get one saloon and Establish Who's in Charge on it, hopefully multiple times per round, eventually forcing them to oppose the job. Not sure if I'll be able to get a saloon consistently, and without it economy may be rough, but we'll see how it goes.

Still not sure on my Tombstone plans - was going to try to make it, but October is shaping up to be very busy so may not be able to. Gencon for sure!