Test phase law dogs - Amazing Rhetoric or is it Fiery Grace?

published Jan 20, 2020 | | |
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Bojangles 12

I wrote a really long and well-worded summary of my deck, but then Edge decided to refresh itself and I lost it all. :/

Okay, so this is the draft version of my Law Dogs gang. The outfit is a choice between Justice In Exile and Law Dogs. Nothing seems to be quite fitting in yet, generally the dudes fall on different values to the actions/deeds/attachments that I want, so it's not quite right. Or else, the dudes I want to start off are the same value as my on value cards. I am aiming for a legal full house in shootouts, and currently have 12 of values 9, 10 and Q.

The main way I want to operate the deck is to give out lots of bounties, but ideally keep most of the opposing dudes alive - alive but inactive. The reason for this is because of the main way (of two) that I plan to bring about the end-game - by clearing out the town square and then doing Fiery Rhetoric just before sundown. The other way is by having several dudes on different deeds, just slightly too low in influence to take them. Then, when the time is right, play a well-timed Amazing Grace to boost all their influences over the line and claim several deeds at once.

Because of this, I aim to avoid killing too many dudes in shootouts. Instead I want to send dudes home booted, and only discard enough to end the shootout (and to claim the bounty off them).

As I said before, dudes are the biggest area of difficulty for me for this gang, as there are a lot of other ones I wanted who didn't fit the values. Or else they did fit the values, but I wanted to have them as my starting posse, such as Hattie DeLorre. Other ones were appropriate, but had an upkeep, and I can't justify having more than 1 upkeep in the first turn! These are the other dudes I wanted to include: Sheriff Dave Montreal, Carter Richardson, Xiong "Wendy" Cheng (Exp.1), Sgt. Elijah Clay, Abram Grothe (Exp.2), Lucy Clover (Exp.1), Wylie Jenks, "Thunder Boy" Nabbe, and definitely Erin Knight. If anybody can think of a way to bring in some of these, I'm all ears! I was also aiming to have a minimum of 1 influence on all my dudes, and try to average around 2 influence, but obviously that didn't happen!

As far as the mix of cards goes, I aimed to get 3 dudes, 3 deeds, 3 actions and 3 attachments in each value. Usually I will not have one of any action, as I figure the chance of actually ever using it are pretty slim. Instead, I'd rather have 2 of each action or attachment (I don't like having 4 since I like to keep one of every card away in the card folder for reference). So, where I have 3 single copies of an action of one value, I'll likely get rid of one and have 2 of an action and one of another.

Anyway, now that you know my basic strategy idea, if anyone has any suggestions, they'll be greatly appreciated! I think ideally I need to streamline a lot of cards (finding ways to get one card to do what 2 others are doing).

Regards, Bojangles