Law Dogs 8+10 Deedslide

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Sloaneslide Job Rush! 15 23 7
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Face the lord! 9+10 Deedslide 0 1 0
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mplain 1642

A fusion of mysticpickle's Sloaneslide deck and Otomo's kamikaze dogs that kicked me out of the Gazzette league.

The plan is to build cheap deeds, send Wendy on Recruitment Drives, make enemy dudes wanted, send Bounty Hunters after them, kill them with Point Blank and Coachwhip.

Use Wendy strategically, she wants to whip enemies away, not shoot them dead. Your main tools of war are Bounty Hunters and Steven Wiles with Point Blank and Coachwhip.

Rev. Inbody unboots Wendy, lets her come into any shootout unbooted with Walk the Path, saves her from trouble with Lay On Hands, and sometimes he fetches what actions you need with The Lord Provides.

What I really miss here is some extra influence and a body to soak casualties - so either Jake or Travis would be nice. However, that would make me struggle financially at the start unless I get a Recruitment Drive in the opening hand. I'd up them to 4x, but dem klowns make me reconsider...

May 18, 2015 aermet69

Would it make sense to add a Good Stiff Drink to the deck, instead of one of the Point Blanks? Otherwise you can still only use Wendy once a turn even with Walk The Path.

May 19, 2015 mysticpickle44

Xiong "Wendy" Cheng is great on non-booting jobs with most people opting to pass opposing her unless they've already established position in Town Square. The downside being she's usually only able to do 1 job a turn.

If you have Rev. Perry Inbody to unboot you could reliably do two jobs a turn with her. With Walk the Path on the Reverend, you could do three and still threaten Wendy to jump in and boot someone out! What I'm saying here is since Wendy rocks non-booting jobs so hard how about MORE jobs like A Coach Comes to Town or heck even Meet The New Boss? XD

May 19, 2015 mplain

@aermet69 but I can still use Wendy to shoot someone at Point Blank range! She's mostly intimidating, but when it comes to actually fighting, I rarely need to use her ability in two separate shootouts within one day. Twice in the same shootout would be nice, but Good Stiff Drink is a Noon action, unfortunately. What I can do, however, is use her ability in the first round of shootout, then after casualties make her flee home, and in the second round bring her back with Walk the Path so she's ready to Point Blank! Overall, I just don't feel like that Stiff Drink is good enough to occupy an off-value slot. Point Blank, on the other hand, is.

@mysticpickle44 I could include more jobs at the expense of Point Blanks, but that would change the game plan significally, turning it into a different deck. Still, I'll give it a try :)