Sloaneslide Job Rush!

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Law Dogs 8+10 Deedslide 4 7 3
Sloaneslide Shooter (3-0, Deputy Event@Ludo: Boardgame Bar) 3 3 7
Sloaneslide - Get the Job(s) done! 0 0 0
What a Lovely Day 3 2 2

mysticpickle44 758

This is a control point rush Sloane deck that focuses on non-booting jobs like Establishin' Who's in Charge and Recruitment Drive to regularly pump 4 or more control points within the first day.

Draw Structure: 5's-A's-10's[16-12-6]

The deck focuses on "5's" for primary shooting value with 16 starting in the deck. "A's" are the secondary value with 12 starting in the deck and potentially more if some of your starters get discarded! "10's" are the tertiary value with 6 starting in deck and shouldn't be counted on except to potentially finish out a pair for a full house. With Angelica shooting unhindered and 2 other dudes supporting, you can regularly get a full house or better!

This structure allows you to get decent hands with a modest amount of bullet support while also being able to take lowball with some regularity. The relatively low key values of A's and 5's help you win tied-hand rank lowball rounds more than you might think!


Angelica is definitely the star of the show being able to complete jobs and still threaten Town Square after she boots home or just threatening to jump into any job started by another of your dudes! She is also a very reliable shooter as she is resistant to Pistol Whips being able to rejoin a closeby posse if someone else is holding position in the shootout. Everyone else in the starting gang can supplement the control point pressure with their abilities or influence by taking opposing deeds.

Pancho and Barton are your backup regular heavy hitters if Angelica bites it.

Steven Wiles is Steven Wiles.


The non-booting jobs like Recruitment drive and Establishin' Who's in Charge are highly underutilized compared to much more popular kill jobs that require booting such as Kidnappin' and the like. Having an unbooted dude means you can utilize Pistol Whip to help complete the job! Having Angelica around means you can always throw a strong shooter into the job if the situation warrants it!

For example: If you win lowball, starting a Recruitment Drive as the first Noon Play with Jake Smiley immediately forces the opponent into a difficult choice as they have to boot in at least 2 decent shooters in order to reliably contest it. One of their shooters could potentially be pistol whipped away while the other one is required to fight Angelica if she decides to join later. These threats force an opponent to commit significantly more than you first in order to oppose your jobs and gives you the choice to escalate the situation depending on what you have in your hand!

If the opponent boots in the majority of their gang to contest the job, you can choose to let your Leader get slaughtered and get your control points through Establishin' Who's in Charge, Sloane Home/Allie's ability, or by dropping deeds you won't have to heavily defend. Losing one dude to boot out an entire opposing gang can often be a favorable trade!

The Cheatin' Varmits are primarily there to help win lowball hands to setup this situation but are certainly useful in giving you an edge in close shootouts as well.


A copy of all the cheap 2-cost or less 1-Control point deeds and a good peppering of 2-Control Point deeds like 1st Baptist, Bank of California, and Mayor's Office you can fish out with Recruitment Drive. These provide the primary control point pressure which is supplemented by your dudes.


These are primarily for shooting structure but are cheap enough that they can be very useful even early on! Pearl Handled Revolver on Allie makes her a strong shooter while A Pair of Six-Shooters on Angelica can make her a potent anti-cheatin' threat as well. The Pair of Six-Shooters will also help you win lowball rounds after the first day!

Play Strategy:

This deck works particularly well against weak shooting decks or decks that require several plays to setup before fighting as your jobs will go mostly uncontested. The income and control point advantage can be very difficult to overcome by the 2nd day.

Against particularly strong shooting decks , even with Angelica fighting, it'll be near run thing. It'll be best to hunker down at home and play as a traditional landslide to spread their dudes. Only start a fight if you have a massive bullet advantage via Steven Wiles or other shootout tricks like pistol whip or Cheatin' Varmit with 5 cash in reserve. If you must fight you'll want to do it early while your Jokers are still in the deck!

Mar 14, 2015 madmaps

I have a similar deck, but based on A Coach Comes to Town and Recruitment Drive. The economy is great but the problem I've had is that after the noon job, my dudes go from the Town Square home booted and the opponent walks into my newly laid deed. So to overcome this I made a Sloane hex deck built around Paralysis Mark. Boot their dudes and then have the Recruitment Drive. Maybe I should have used Angelica instead!

Mar 14, 2015 mplain

I am testing this and so far it's awesome! This deck seem to have huge potential!

Mar 15, 2015 mysticpickle44

@madmaps A Coach Comes to Town is great as it costs 0 GR to start though it does have the very scary side effect of giving your opponents money if you decide to let your worker bee die. It pretty much forces you into committing to the success of the job but can be very rewarding if you find a good moment to play it! I think paralysis mark is going to be very awesome in these type of decks once we get that new cheap sloane huckster :D

@mplain You're a freakin' pillar of the community man, I dont' know what more I could say hahahha ;D

Mar 16, 2015 mplain

I'm thinking that Cheatin' Varmint should be something else. Maybe Bottom Dealin' to punish harded (and still somewhat usable during lowball), or Sun in Yer Eyes to make those jobs more reliable, or maybe even Rumors.

Actually, if we take Rumors, then we might as well switch from A's to 8's. Maybe remove the deeds at A' for 2x The Union Casino and 2x Circle M Ranch, replace Pair of Six-Shooters with Quickdraw Handgun. This would reinforce the draw structure, although it might backfire in lowball, so I'm not sure if it's worth it. So far all my shootouts went well, but I didn't get any Suns at Angélica...

Heh, and once Faith & Fear hits the shelves, we could take Maria instead of Clem and pack Corporeal Twist and Paralysis Mark - that would be nasty! :D

Mar 16, 2015 mysticpickle44

Ohhh good suggestion! A good Bottom Dealin' can be absolutely devastating since a straight 5 cards will rarely be a particularly strong hand though there always the off chance you might top deck them a 4-of-a-kind during a shootout hahaha. It's definitely a higher reward higher risk choice!

Sun in Yer Eyes is the quintessential shootout advantage card and makes Pair of Six-Shooters much more likely to fire off too! I'd call that one an excellent replacement though it does become a bit of a dead card if you're going against a non-shooting deck like landslide or Fourth ring. What do you think of something like Takin' Ya With Me that can easily be fired off by forcing a job shootout?

Maria is gonna see lots of play everywhere once the pine box hits. I can't wait! XD

Apr 03, 2015 next2archstanton

I just went 3-0 in a local tournament with the version posted here without any revisions. I faced a Morgan Mario Party deck, a Sloane huckster, and a Law Dogs shooter. I was amazed how often I won lowball and could still shoot well. I got lucky in one shootout and with a 0 bullet rating on my shooter drew a 5 of a kind including a Joker.

Have you guys had good results with your suggested revisions?

Apr 08, 2015 mysticpickle44

@next2archstanton Congrats man! I've only taken a tournament with a much shootier version of this deck that focused on 5s and 8s and a sprinkling of 10s. I imagine mplain's suggestion to toss in a Bottom Dealin' or two would be downright devastating if you time it right ;D