Mad Boldmans experimental arsenal.

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jaythejester 460

Inspired by 'An Experimental Morgan' Deck, I remembered a deck I had always wanted to build, Elander Boldman's mad weapons deck.

The version DoomDog posted had 7 clubs. Factoring in starting posse, and the gadget itself, 7 out of 46 cards, roughly 1 out of 7 pulls will hurt, which I found to be far to frequent if wanting to use Elander. So I reworked into a full clubless deck. Clubless decks have some major issues, issues I believe may finally have the supported work arounds.

Economy is a big deal for this deck. Every card in your hand will have a ghost rock cost, so your GR supply will dictate your options each turn. To this matter, I included a large number of deeds, most costing 1 or 2 gr. I also focused on dudes who were cheap and effective.

The issues I spoke of earlier are lack of spot removal, weaker cheating punishment, and lack of powerful shootout and resolution actions, and compromised draw structure. Firstly, Morgan Regulators outfit trait will be how I intend to handle the lack of spot removal. It relies upon forcing the opponent to leave home once 6 control points are in play. Lack of cheating resolutions, shootout and resolution actions, and draw structure issues are intended to be solved by brute force, Massive stud bullets to draw a straight flush.

While you don't start with any stud dudes, your home ability turns a dude into a stud after moving them to the town square, your deck is packing 8 stud dudes, Cliff's #4 Saloon, and 3 Bio-Charged Neutralizer which Luke can move off of the scientist. To get the massive bullets, Elander Boldman will make a gadget weapon +5 or +7.

Ultimate combo: Nicholas Kramer, with a Shockwave Inducer, Elander Boldmans ability, 3 other gadgets. 11 stud.

There are some serous weaknesses for this deck. Unprepared, SIYE, remove from shootout actions on dudes without a horse, and bad draws can end a game quick. You will have to play aggressively, bullying your opponent at every chance. You will have to have multiple strong shooters set up to handle shootout actions, and casualty sidekicks and cheap dudes if your opponent has strong hand rank manipulation. Hopefully, with enough straight flushes, you will wear out your opponents options, or their luck will dry up.

Feb 27, 2017 funtimeteddy

I have played around with builds similar to this and Doomdog's "Experimental Morgan Deck". While I do love Boldman, and have tried the no clubs route, I wonder if 4x Hiding in the Shadows would help shore up most the theme's glaring weaknesses. Hiding is a proactive measure, so spot removal jobs still suck, but the Regulators home helps with noon boots and bad draws are just bad draws.

Personally, when I get down to 4 or fewer clubs, and include cards like Boldman or Asyncoil (which friggin rocks), its kind of titillating. The "can fail but probably not" pull can be exciting! And downright disheartening. :)

Mar 07, 2017 db0

Probably only 4 A Slight Modification would be better than Hiding in Shadows, especially since it's more versatile.