The Long Con (Huddersfield Euro 2017 8th place)

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caelreth 121

A further improvement on my first published deck, that came 8th in the Huddersfield 2017

Again, advice/suggestions are welcome.

Use Funtime Freddy to fish up a Phantom Fingers and a Fetch, unless you have a hex in your starting hand. The aim is to get Fiddle Game into play (using Jia Mein (Exp.1)), to fund the upkeep of Putting The Pieces Together then avoiding cheating. You mostly stay at home, using The Sanatorium with Forced Quarantine to target dudes and get control points. In shootouts, you're looking to get a flush of Clubs, possibly boosted by Comin' Up Roses. If you've managed to get 4x Putting The Pieces Together, that's a consistent Rank 10 hand!

1st round - law dogs basic - seemed quite a heavy anti-cheating deck, which suits me fine as my deck hardly ever cheats. I managed to get my conditions out and win a crucial shootout, which handed me the win. 1-0

2nd round - Desolation Row - bandits robbed the town square while the circus sold them dodgy fiddles, then the bandits did a flurry of property development, a Chinese ogre ran out to try and stop then, but a lawyer told him no. ( 4 CP in one turn, even a dedicated slide deck would be happy with that! Also, I overextended myself by booting most of my dudes, hence being unable to sit on the deeds) we had a friendly rematch, as we both found the first match unsatisfying, and I just squeaked a win in that one. 1-1

3rd round - Morgan Regulators - again, got my conditions out, while he put horses on all his dudes. When he tried to stop a Fiddle game job, I had a Nightmare at Noon in hand, which shut out his Calling the Cavalry, blunting his attack. 2-1

4th round - law dogs basic - a deck I'd played against previously, and been utterly trounced by. This time I faired a little better, with it going to time (with me losing) but I still couldn't do much about him consistently reducing all my dudes to 0 bullets. 2-2

5th round - Protection Racket - slucksters. This deck seemed to never get off the ground, or possibly it had difficulty with my lack of deeds and/or lack of cheating. A win for me, but I'd have rather have seen what his deck could do. 3-2

All in all, I faired a lot better than I thought I would(I was still considering major restructuring up until the Friday- possibly a more Full House structure- glad I didn't now) Thanks to Scott and Heidi for hosting, and I hope to see others who were there in the future for rematches/revenge matches/not-being-pummelled-into-the-dirt-too-hard matches!

Jul 05, 2017 Harlath

I really like this, sorry I didn't see it in action but great to be able to read your report instead. Well done on your T8 finish and fabulous new playmat.

I raised this with db0 (one of the previous designers) on the official forums at the link below as were were debating using Headlines to counter horse decks. I was concerned that Calling The Cavalry was hard to stop with headlines as horse decks tend to win lowball against many of the existing strong Headlines (if they're on value). While Calling the Cavalry is still very strong I'm delighted to see your loose draw structure meant you presumably were the lowball winner and could use it to defeat Morgan Regulators.

I have a really hard time thinking of sensible improvements here: you've got a clear strategy, cards to support it and a route to gaining CP through Forced Quarantine. The only other sensible suggestion I can make is experimenting with which free spells you include to use with Funtime Freddy to trigger Jia Mein, but I think you've made good choices there already. Might be worth considering Ace in the Hole in case you're lucky enough to draw a second spell? Would help make flushes/straight flushes.

Jul 05, 2017 hehasmoments

You've got plenty of duplicate values and chances for cheating, how did you find your ratio of cheating in lowball?

Jul 05, 2017 caelreth

@hehasmomentsI only cheated once, during the first lowball of game 3. I think there was another one that got negated by the heretic joker, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Definitely didn't lose any fiddle games to cheating punishment, though.