Melee miracle 2nd place in Servitor Event Zwolle, NL

published Nov 21, 2017 | | |
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Dementia 21

Got some inspiration from Doomdog's deck: Abram's Holy Toolbox.

I worked on some blessed decks for a while. Although they performed quite okey, I still had the feeling it was missing some punch. With the help of the Abram's crusaders outfit card I can boost bullets with melee weapons and influence with miracles. Shan fan Showdown was a great addition to counter the calling the cavalry action card that was running rampant in my player group.

So I tried this deck out at the servitor event in Zwolle the Netherlands. My first encounter was with the Morgan regulators Horses deck. I was quite sure I would encounter the calling cavalry card so I kept my Shan Fan Showdown in hand. We played to much cards and neither of us could grab a win. I did killed of a few dudes with the Shan Fan Showdown, but it was not enough to score win. In the end I won with a timed win.

2nd round was against the dreaded 108 bandits. I was short on ghost rock from the get go and lost my dudes too soon because I was trying to chase some opposing dudes from my only deed. Sadly I didn't succeed. And I lost that game.

3rd game was against the Bear Cannon wielding Indians. They let loose a bear on Town Square. I wasn't prepared for that but luckily I had some nice draws and beat the bear from Town square. I was standing with all my dudes on town sqaure unbooted and my opponent had all his dudes booted at home, so when the bell rang he decided I would have won if we would have played on for another round. Didn't feel like a win, but it certainly was an interesting game.

I had a great time playing with all the guys that showed up. Hope to see them again on our next meeting in Utrecht.

Not sure what to change. But it definitly has potential. Maybe some of you have any ideas or tips?

Dec 04, 2017 Harlath

Hard to come up with lots of changes as this looks pretty strong already. :)

I might consider 1x Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1) as he can be good in longer games, particularly if you get him in to play against a defensive deck - he lets you chip away at a dude each turn. Father Tolarios gets him in to play with a J using For Such a Time as This, or even with a 10 if you have 1x Tlaloc's Furies.

Might also be worth 1x The Lord Provides - it's expensive and hard to cast, but it's handy for fetching an Unprepared if you need one, or sometimes a second Bounty Hunter if you're trying to remove influence. Tolarios works well with "Toolbox" cards like this as he can fetch them when you need them.

Good to see Shan Fan Showdown! helping against a Horse deck, even if it couldn't get you all the way from a timed win to a win.

Well done!